Pregnancy Treatment Program

Drug Rehab Program for Pregnant Women

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MARC provides pregnancy testing and medication management services for women who are pregnant or who might become pregnant.  You do not have to discontinue MAT during pregnancy and doing so is highly discouraged.  As part of a comprehensive prenatal plan-of-care, MARC can work with your obstetrician to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can safely take methadone.  Undergoing methadone maintenance treatment while pregnant does not cause birth defects (  Comprehensive methadone maintenance treatment should include prenatal care to reduce the risks of complications during pregnancy or at birth.

You may also continue taking methadone post-partum while breastfeeding.

“Research has shown that the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the effect of small amounts of methadone that enters the breast milk.” – from

While methadone is the standard of care for opioid use disorder in pregnant and breastfeeding women, buprenorphine may also be used.  We will work with each expectant mother or breastfeeding mother to provide individualized care.

Our staff members are highly skilled and able to help coordinate your care to support you through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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